Why Alltech?

MRI claustrophobiaHave you seen the US population lately?

Two out of three of us are considered overweight; one in three is obese.

And did you know many sites report loss of scans to claustrophobia as high as 25 percent?!

Add to that: Reimbursements for MRI continue to decline.

So how can you squeeze more profit out of your facility?

(1) Increase throughput! With a 71cm wide bore, patients will experience less claustrophobia. The patients who come in to your facility will STAY(!) until the exam is complete.

(2) Lower your costs! The Echostar Comfort system from Alltech runs tens to hundreds of thousands less than competitive solutions. It’s a workhorse and has all the functionality required for 98 percent of all MR exams.

We Made That!

Echostar Comfort components are designed and developed by our USA engineering team, members of which have been awarded 87 MR imaging patents.

Our system features:
High-homogeneity magnet
The Echostar Comfort magnet provides a 50 x 50 x 50cm usable field of view.

Better gradient performance
33mT/m gradients drive to peak power in 0.25 milliseconds.

New multi-element coil arrays
The Echostar Comfort coil arrays, built into the tabletop and selected through programmed protocols, reduce the need for time-consuming repositioning.

Comprehensive software capabilities
The Echostar Comfort user-friendly protocols optimize efficiency and support high-throughput scanning.

If this makes sense for your enterprise, shouldn’t we at least have a conversation?