Echostar Comfort – A better imaging value

Alltech pricing

The Echostar Comfort provides the highest value 1.5T MRI solution for your facility
at an initial price tens or hundreds of thousands less than competitive options.

Hardware and software components are designed and built through the collaboration of our US R&D team and our state-of-the-art superconducting magnet manufacturing plant in China.

The Echostar Comfort is then assembled and fully tested in our FDA registered manufacturing facility in Northeast Ohio.

EchoStar Comfort is the high-value choice for facilities seeking to replace aging MRI systems with an industry-standard wide-bore MRI.

Echostar Comfort meets patient demand for a widebore MRI system while providing the images and advanced capabilities your clinicians demand.

It’s how we deliver your wide-bore MRI at a surprisingly affordable cost of ownership.

Reduced service costs

With a ZBO (zero boil-off) magnet, the Echostar Comfort eliminates expensive cryogen replacement.

Throughput — Up to 80 patients in a day

The Echostar Comfort’s intelligent, automated protocols have made it possible for customers to image up to 80 patients in a day.

Reliable components

From the superconducting magnets to the RF coils, Echostar Comfort’s components are designed and assembled in our own manufacturing facilities.