• Ultra-homogeneous main magnet field, 0.5 ppm over 45cm DSV(VRMS)
  • Usable FOV of 50cm in all directions
  • ZBO (zero boil-off) virtually eliminates cryogen consumption
  • Recommended helium refill interval of 10 years


  • Rapid start-up
  • One-button plan setup
  • High throughput protocols while retaining full user customization
  • Integration to PACS and HIS/RIS systems via DICOM 3.0 protocols


  • Combination of integrated phased array high-density coil elements
  • 4 distinct coil arrays can be connected simultaneously for whole body imaging without repositioning


  • 16-channel data acquisition system
  • Latest generation parallel imaging (PPI) accelerates scan times while delivering the highest quality images
  • Multiple phased array coils collect signals simultaneously

Advanced Software Applications


  • Protocols for head and spine exams optimized for high resolution and SNR, including protocols for fast and post-contrast exams.

Advanced DWI

  • Multiple b values (5)
  • Single directional DWI
  • Shorter ETL for improved DWI
  • Multiple directions (21)
  • Average DWI Maps
  • Flexible PPI factors from 1.0 to 2.0
  • Auto ADC Maps

Isotropic 3D T1

  • Shorter scan time with increased resolution
  • Reliable image quality


  • Advanced Diffusion Tensor Imaging acquisition sequences


  • Clinically optimized protocols provide comprehensive capabilities ranging from routine imaging to specialized imaging strategies unique to oncology.
  • Ultra-fast breath hold protocols such as single shot, balanced, and in- and out-of-phase optimized sequences.
  • Optimized free breathing protocols for uncooperative patients.
  • 3D T1 protocols optimized for excellent spatial and temporal resolution in dynamic post-contrast exams.
  • MR Cholangiopancreatography and Urography protocols.
  • Multiple b-value DWI imaging for pathological differentiation.

Advanced Spectrum FatSat SPAIR/SPIR

  • Advanced pulse selection to produce consistent FatSat results for large anatomy imaging.

Magnitude Recovery

  • T2 weighted imaging using a shorter TR.
  • T2 weighting, contrast enhanced, with the use of Magnitude Recovery.
  • Partial Fourier Transformation (PFT)
  • 40 percent scan time reduction
  • Fast reconstruction
  • Support for Gradient Echo and Spin Echo sequences

In- and Out-of-Phase Imaging

  • In- and out-of-phase in one breath hold for spatial consistency


  • True steady-state ultra-fast GRE protocol for motion-free abdominal imaging

Advanced Volume Imaging of Abdomen

  • Fast uniform fat suppression
  • Ultra short TR TE, very low FA, provides excellent T1 contrast
  • Fast 14- to 18-second scan time for breath-hold exams
  • Compatible with slice interpolation and PFT for high resolution and shorter scan times

Body DWI

  • Rapid acquisition
  • Multiple b values
  • ADC map


  • Clinically optimized protocols for high resolution orthopedic exams
  • Full 50cm FOV for high-quality off-center imaging with homogeneous fat suppression

MTC Plus T2* Flash

  • Orthopedic and spine imaging
  • Delivers excellent tissue contrast between cartilage, joint fluid, bone, muscles, and ligaments

Dedicated anatomical coils deliver high resolution and SNR in joint imaging

  • Dedicated and Multi-Purpose joint coils are available in a variety of sizes, specially designed to provide excellent image quality and flexibility with high resolution and SNR.
  • Optimal coil placement directly on the anatomy, providing excellent image quality.


  • Clinically optimized contrast or non-contrast angiography protocols for arterial and venous imaging.
  • TOF 3D Multi-volume and 2D protocols with very high resolution for non-contrast angiography
  • 2D fast bolus tracking interface for contrast enhanced angiography studies
  • Auto-MIP and background subtraction for optimal vessel visualization

CE-MRA Package

  • Fast scan with very short TR and TE
  • K-space center filling
  • Automatic MIP processing
  • Automatic subtraction processing

Interactive Bolus Detection

  • Interactive real-time scan and display
  • ROI signal intensity Auto-Switch
  • Manual-Switch
  • Subtraction for better bolus view
  • User-friendly interactive design