Team Members

Mark Zou
Mark X. Zou, Ph.D. – CEO of Alltech International Group
Dr. Zou received his Ph.D. in Bio-Medical Physics from MIT in June 1990 when he started his career as a Senior Medical Imaging Scientist at Picker International. In 1993 he left Picker to form USA Instruments, a company which grew to be the largest independent supplier of MRI coils in the world. Mr. Zou also helped establish GE’s China Medical business prior to founding and forming Alltech Medical Systems in 2006. Dr. Zou holds more than 33 patents in the US and the EU, and has received numerous awards for his scientific achievement and entrepreneurship…
Mike Burl
Michael Burl, Ph.D. – Systems Engineering
Dr. Burl has more than 28 years of experience in electrical engineering with an extensive background in the development of RF coils and system electronics for MRI systems. Additionally, Dr. Burl has wide-ranging knowledge in the areas of MRI systems engineering, coil engineering management, high-frequency electromagnetic field analysis, and medical device compliance engineering. In his career, he has held a number of engineering management positions including Senior Engineering Manager and RF Engineering Manager at such distinguished companies as EMI, Picker International, USA Instruments, Philips Medical Systems, and GE Healthcare. Dr. Burl holds 27 patents in MRI systems, electromagnetic fields, and telecommunications.
Thomas McBride
Thomas R. McBride – Manager, Spectrometer Engineering
Mr. McBride received his B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Cleveland State University. He has more than 35 years of hardware development experience in MRI, Digital Angiography, CT, and Nuclear Medicine. He has made significant contributions to multi-channel MRI data acquisition and control systems, including analog and digital RF transmit and receive systems and digital control systems for RF and gradient coils. Mr. McBride is also an expert in MRI system integration and testing. During his career, he has held a number of program/project management positions in product development, MRI hardware engineering, and MRI system integration at such distinguished companies as Technicare, Picker International, Marconi Medical Systems, and Philips Medical Systems. Mr. McBride holds three patents in the field of MRI systems.
John Stauber
John R. Stauber – Manager, Electronics Engineering
Mr. Stauber has more than 29 years of experience in MRI analog and digital signal processing circuits & system design including product development and engineering. He held leadership positions at Picker International in the design, development and production of hardware subsystems for five generations of Picker’s MRI products. Additionally, he managed many engineering programs including the development of a 3rd generation 8-channel receiver multiplexer module, a 2nd generation digital demodulator & filter module, and a high-speed data multiplexer. Mr. Stauber is also an expert in T/R Switch interface electronics, ADC modules for digitizing NMR IF signals, active anti-aliasing low-pass filters. He holds three patents in the field of MRI systems, and has published four scientific papers in the electronics and MRI research field.
John Duraj
John R. Duraj – Manager, Clinical Applications and Customer Training
Mr. Duraj has a BA in Allied Health and has more than 35 years progressive experience in the imaging sciences (the most recent 26 years in MR). He was the MRI System Verification and Validation lead for Picker International (later Philips Medical Systems) from 1993 to 2006 that included responsibility for 7.0T clinical research systems. While at Picker, Mr. Duraj used his extensive clinical background to ensure that all hospital testing met the regulatory requirements for MRI scanners. He has traveled internationally (including trips to China and Australia) to provide Applications and Sales support for upgrades to the installed base..