Why Alltech?

Because We Make High Performance Wide-Bore MRI Affordable
  • T2 weighted Fast Spin Echo Head Neck Vascular Array

    The Echostar Comfort uses high density matrix, phased array honeycomb coils that our patent-awarded USA engineering team designed. See the images >>

  • 71cm wide bore magnetic resonance imaging system

    With obesity on the rise, a 60cm bore is a no-go for many patients — and that’s a problem for your staff and your bottom line. The Echostar Comfort 71cm wide-bore solution means a better experience for everyone. Its wide couch comfortably supports patient weights up to 550 lbs. See better patient experiences >>

Features of the Echostar Comfort 1.5T MRI

Excellent for facilities looking to replace an aging MRI
with a more efficient and cost-effective wide-bore machine
  • 71cm Bore
  • 50cm x 50cm x 50cm FOV
  • Patient Handling System rated to 550lbs.
  • Excellent Image Quality
  • High Throughput and Minimal Downtime

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Who Depends on Exceptional MR Images?

There is a direct correlation between definitive interpretations and MR image quality.

From the referring clinician to the interpreting radiologist, superb MR image quality is the most important aspect of a new MR system.

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71cm Bore at a Price You Can Afford

Our hardware and software are designed and developed in the U.S., and some components are manufactured in China.

The system is assembled and fully tested in our FDA-approved manufacturing facility in Northeast Ohio.

That’s how we deliver your wide-bore MRI at a surprisingly affordable cost of ownership.

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xlibberWe’re confident you’ll choose an Echostar Comfort system.

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